4 Signs That You Might Need to Take a Break From Watching Home Improvement Shows

I feel like I am going to get in trouble for this post.

Home improvement shows are everywhere now, each with their own interesting angle. They spend time improving homes to flip, sell, buy, or determine whether or not they really want to move.

Viewers have the opportunity to spend hours watching these home improvement shows in a single evening. And many do. They are pretty addicting.

So what does watching all of these home improvement shows do to us and our finances? For some, the answer may be nothing. For others, they may have noticed some slight changes in themselves and the way they spend their money.

When should you consider taking a break from watching home improvement shows? What are the signs? Let me recommend a few:

  1. You notice the shows effecting your satisfaction with your own home. You look at the house on the television and then look around at your house. Your house doesn’t compare. Their house looks so fresh, modern, and clean. Your house looks dated. The house you once loved is now just one big disappointment. You wish Chip and Joanna would stop by to help.
  2. You find yourself consistently wanting to purchase new items for your home that you saw on the shows. Everything they picked for the improved house is exactly what you need in your house. So you go to the store and look for a few items that are similar. Before you watched the show, you had no clue that you needed these items. Now, you find yourself scouring the store, asking yourself, “What would the Property Brothers buy?”
  3. You find yourself envious of the lifestyles you see on the shows. There they are on an island beach, again. Searching for a home in a tropical paradise. You wish you could search for a home in a tropical paradise. As you watch, you feel envy creep up inside of you. You desire what they have. And you get a little bit of satisfaction when they select the home you would never pick. The two other homes were obviously better options.
  4. You find yourself with a “can do” attitude for things that you really shouldn’t do. Everything looks easy on these shows. You just watched a home get entirely renovated in less than one hour. How difficult can it be? So you take on projects that you do not have the skill to do. You spend more than you ever thought you would spend. As the money in your bank account decreases, your frustration increases. You determine that if Hillary and David showed up to your house, you would go ahead and list it.

God desires us to steward our resources well. Home improvement shows can provide good entertainment. Just be sure that your entertainment does not negatively influence the reality of your stewardship.

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