5 Characteristics of Someone Who Gets Out of a Financial Pit

What type of person does it take to get out of a financial pit? What are characteristics do they have?

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In this week’s The Money Challenge Podcast, Robby and I discuss the characteristics of those who find their way out of a financial mess.

We discuss the following characteristics of these types of people:

  1. They are surrendering (to God).
  2. They are self-blaming.
  3. They are future-focusing.
  4. They are want-denying.
  5. They are success-celebrating.

We also give you this week’s Money Challenge:

Give up. The first characteristic of those who get out of financial pits is surrendered. They have acknowledge that they way they have been managing their money does not align with God’s design. So they give up their old ways for God’s ways. They also understand that God is really the one who can bring them out of their financial pit. So the surrender the results of their hard work to him and trust him. Through prayer, let God know that you are giving up.

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