9 Important Characteristics to Look for in a Stewardship Pastor

Stewardship ministries are increasingly being implemented in local churches.

Churches are beginning to see the importance of intentionally helping men and women better understand how the relationship between them and their resources should look according to the Bible.

God designed us, not to be hoarders, but conduits through which His generosity flows.

A major focus of most stewardship ministries is money. And rightfully so. Jesus spoke frequently about money because of its ability to reveal the heart. For where your treasure is, there you heart will be also (Matthew 6:21). So whether a someone in the church has much or little, they need to understand the biblical principles of stewardship as it relates to their money.

It is the role of the stewardship pastor to oversee these ministries. So if you are a church considering hiring a stewardship pastor, what characteristics should you look for? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Unquestionably generous. Your candidate should be known for his generosity. They should be known as a person who lives with his hands open, ready for God to lead them. And, of course, they should be giving to the church. Generosity should already be evident in their life, not just after taking the position.
  1. Highly trustworthy. Stewardship pastors dive into individuals’ personal finances. They are often able to access church giving records. All of this information must remain confidential. An untrustworthy stewardship pastor is a serious danger to their church.
  1. Financially astute and financially healthy. Your candidate must understand how money works and what the Bible says about it. And they must be able to convey this information to others well. They also must have a good handled on their finances. Stewardship pastors must live biblical stewardship.
  1. Knowledgeable of the Bible, not just knowledgeable of The Wall Street Journal. Your candidate should know what the Bible says about biblical steward. They should understand Jesus’ teaching on money. Such information is more important than whether the Dow was up or down for the day.
  1. Unfazed by money. Stewardship pastors sometimes work with very wealthy church members. They can’t let high dollar figures frighten them or overly excite them. Such reactions can hinder their ability to disciple those of significant means.
  1. Empathetic to the struggles of the wealthy. “They have everything a person could want. How could they be depressed/dissatisfied/lonely?” You’ve probably heard others say these types of statement, most of the time with a tinge of bitterness. But these are words that should never come from a stewardship pastor’s mouth. Because he understands why. Their struggles may look different than those of lesser means, but they are just as real.
  1. Doesn’t show favoritism. Stewardship pastors work with those of little and significant wealth. James 2 tells us that we should run from favoritism. In the church, neither rich nor poor should be elevated or ignored because of their resources. Your candidate’s primary concern should be the heart, not the bank account.
  1. Able to see money as the heart’s reflection. Your candidate should see money as Jesus saw money, a reflection of the heart. A stewardship pastor should want to see a church full of people who are generous with their money because this demonstrates a church full of generous hearts.
  1. Knows that there is more to steward than just money. Your candidate should be concerned with how people in the church steward their financial resources. But he should know that stewardship does not stop with the wallet. A generous heart is generous with all things, not just a bank account.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. But it is a start. No pastor should be hired without careful examination. A stewardship pastor is no different.

So what are some additional characteristics that you would suggest?

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