6 Ways to Be Strategic About Black Friday

Black Friday is already here. Not the day. But the sales.

Historically, Black Friday sales were on, well, Friday. But now, the sales are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…you get the idea. Black Friday is now more of a season than a day. Which means you have an even greater opportunity to find yourself in January with a little bit of Christmas debt and a lot of Christmas regret.

So how do you avoid being one of those individuals who spends more than they should this year? You need a strategy. And here are some ways to do it.

5 Ways that Grocery Stores Get You to Spend More

Have you ever walked out of a grocery store with five more items that you did not intend to purchase? Sure, we all have.

And grocery stores hope that we will continue to do so. I mean, they are in business to make a profit.

To encourage shoppers to spend more, grocery stores employ strategies that they hope will get you to buy that item or items that you didn’t anticipate purchasing. What are some of their strategies? Here are five—

6 Reasons Why Churches Should Teach About Money

How often does your church teach about money? For some churches, the answer is rarely or never. The topic is avoided. Some churches contain the topic of money to a single sermon series, only to return to the topic 365 days later.

If messages hitting on money are rare or totally absent at your church, let me give you a few reasons to consider placing them in your upcoming teaching calendar.

3 Scary Money Stats

Before you read, please note—this post is not for the faint at heart. Okay, you’ve been warned.

Americans are experiencing some real struggles in the area of personal finance. We have too much debt and too little savings. We spend more than we make. The result is some pretty terrifying money statistics. Here are three—