How to Automate Your Financial Health (Podcast)

Life is busy. You are working a ton of hours at your job. Your kids have sports and other extracurricular activities. Your parents are aging and you want to care for them. Who has time for financial health?

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We can’t give you a single easy button, but there are a few buttons you can click on your computer screen to make pursuing financial health easier.

In this episode, the following points are discussed:

  1. Automate your giving.
  2. Automate your savings.
  3. Automate your retirement.
  4. Automate your bills.

And of course, we leave you with this week’s Money Challenge:

Make your giving automatic. Many churches allow you to do this on their website. If your church does not have online giving, go to your online bank account and set up your church as a bill pay recipient. This way, the bank will cut a check on your behalf and send it to the church. Whether you give through your church’s site or your bank’s site, make it recurring. This way, you won’t forget to give.

And be sure to check out this week’s Word of the Week–Mutual Fund.

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