My 5 for Friday (December 1, 2017)

Can reading create empathy? How do you empower a team? And how do you make salary increase decisions?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. Confronting the Leadership Lie by Joel Rainey. Great leaders are essential and their path is often marked by success. But even great leaders are not exempt from failure. Joel Rainey writes, “Let’s study leadership and develop ourselves as leaders. Let’s raise up other leaders around us. It is essential. But we cannot measure the value of our leadership by whether our work is marked by a string of successes.” Read this post, and find out what Rainey refers to as the “Satanic lie” of leadership.
  2. How Reading Cultivates Empathy in Leaders by Rich Pérez. Are you empathetic towards those you lead? What are you doing to improve in this area? In this post, Rich Pérez writes, “Leaders lead people. To lead people, one must understand people.” Take a look at this post, and find out how reading can help cultivate empathy in leaders.
  3. A Test for Christian Leaders by Chuck Lawless. Are you wondering how you’re doing as a Christian in leadership? How do you know how to evaluate yourself? In this post, Chuck Lawless provides ten characteristics of Christian leaders as a test to see how you’re doing in your ministry.
  4. One Simple, But HUGE Way to Better Empower a Team by Ron Edmondson. As a leader, you’re often exploring new ideas and bouncing those ideas off of your team. But is your team left confused as to what their role is in this “new idea”? Ron Edmondson writes, “As leaders, we often process and present a lot of ideas, but sometimes we are just “thinking.” Sometimes we aren’t assigning anything – we are just exploring.” Checkout this post for one simple, yet huge way to better empower your team in these scenarios.
  5. The Ultimate Giving Guide To Staff Raises by David Whiting. Have you considered giving your staff raises but you aren’t exactly sure how to make those decisions?  In this post by David Whiting with the Vanderbloemen team, he answers the questions, “How do you decide if you should give raises? And how do you decide who should and shouldn’t get a raise? How do you decide how much of a raise to give?” Checkout this post for the ultimate giving guide to staff raises.

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