My 5 for Friday (March 30, 2018)

How can insecurity damage your team? How can you increase your income? And how can you pray for your church this weekend?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. What Every Leader Should Know About Inspiring Others by Dan Reiland. The ability to inspire others is a crucial aspect of any leadership role. According to Dan Reiland, “An uninspired leader cannot inspire others.” Take a look at this post and find out what every leader should know about inspiring others.
  2. 10 Things To Consider As Your Church Grows by Vanderbloemen Search Group. Church growth is a wonderful thing, and it’s a blessing to witness. Logistically, it also comes with some challenges. Writing from years of experience, the Vanderbloemen Team states, “If your church is finding itself in a season of growth, you know better than anyone that it’s an exciting (and chaotic) time!” In this post, their team provides ten things to consider as your church is experiencing growth.
  3. 5 Ways Insecurity Damages the Team by Eric Geiger. We all have a tendency to struggle with insecurity from time to time, particularly those in a leadership role. Eric Geiger writes, “While it is natural for leaders to struggle with insecurity, leaders who live in insecurity bring great damage to the people they are supposed to be serving.” Don’t miss these five ways that insecurity can damage the people you lead.
  4. 8 Ways to Pray for Easter Weekend Events by Chuck Lawless. In the weeks leading up to Easter, it’s possible for churches and church leaders to lose sight of the importance of prayer and reflection on what this day means. As Chuck Lawless writes, “I fear that many churches plan for weeks (or months) for Easter weekend, but then pray for only minutes over the weekend’s events.” Take the time to read over this post, and then spend time praying for this Easter weekend.
  5. 27 Creative Ways to Increase Your Income by Chuck Bentley. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for people to have a side job or gig in addition to their full time employment. According to Chuck Bentley, “It can help you develop and sharpen skills to add value to your current job, and provide financial margin to accomplish future goals, such as saving, investing, and paying off debt.” Check out this post for twenty-seven creative ways to increase your income. This may be the answer to getting you into a place of financial health.

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