My 5 for Friday (April 6, 2018)

How do leaders overcome isolation and loneliness? What are some dumb ways to deal with our weaknesses? And what does the New Testament say about tithing?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.5 Leadership Reflections from the Life of David by Ron Edmondson. The greatest lessons on leadership are learned from the Bible and the leaders it contains. In this post, Ron Edmondson writes, “From his time in the wilderness and serving as king, good and bad, we learn a great deal about leadership and what is required to successfully lead by observing David.” So take a minute to learn from these five leadership lessons from the life of David.

  1. How To Properly Interview An Internal Candidate by Sarah Robins. When interviewing new job prospects, the process can sometimes seem long and uncertain. It can be even more tricky if you are interviewing internal candidates.  Sarah Robins with the Vanderbloemen Team writes, “Hiring from within can be a great move for a church, but be sure you’re taking the best steps possible into this delicate transition.” Checkout this post for advice on how to properly interview an internal candidate.
  2. Overcoming The New Leadership Epidemic — Isolation and Loneliness by Carey Nieuwhof. How do you overcome loneliness as a leader? And how do you know when being alone is a good thing verses a dangerous thing? According to Carey Nieuwhof, “Solitude is a gift from God. Isolation is a tool of the enemy.” Don’t miss this post for five ways to fight loneliness and isolation.
  3. 2 Dumb Ways Leaders Deal With Their Weaknesses by Eric Geiger. We all have weaknesses. But as leaders, it is not enough to simply ignore them and focus only on your strengths. As Eric Geiger states, “Both the leader who ignores weaknesses and the leader who leads in them will lose credibility. Lead in your strengths while managing your weaknesses.” Take a look at this post, and avoid these two foolish ways of dealing with your weaknesses.
  4. Tithing in the New Testament (What Does The Bible Say?) by SEEDTIME. What does the Bible say about tithing? And will you experience God’s blessing if you don’t give? According to Bob with SEEDTIME, “Out of our Faith, our good works manifest. So, in my opinion, if someone truly understands how great of a gift they have been given, they will expend a lot of energy giving back.” Find out more about what the Bible has to say about giving in this post.

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