My 5 for Friday (May 12, 2017)

Why do some pastors stop leading? What are a few signs that you are an isolated leader? And what retirement mistakes should you avoid?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  • 10 Reasons Pastors Don’t Lead by Chuck Lawless. Why do some pastors stop leading? Their churches want them to lead. Chuck Lawless says, “They want their leader to cast vision, raise up other leaders, and press forward – but it’s just not happening.” Here are ten reasons pastors don’t lead.
  • 5 Indicators You Are an Isolated Leader by Eric Geiger. Eric Geiger says, “An isolated leader won’t receive care and encouragement to continue leading, won’t receive necessary confrontation, will limit learning, and will lead in a way that is divorced from the people and from reality.” Here are five indicators you are an isolated leader.
  • 3 Critical Leadership Lessons We Need to Learn from the Past by Selma Wilson. Leaders cast vision for the future, but Selma Wilson believes you must know your past to be successful. She says, “Knowing your history can make all the difference in charting the path to the future.” Here are three critical leadership lessons we need to learn from the past.
  • 4 Retirement Mistakes to Avoid by Chuck Bentley. In order to be in a good place when you retire, you need to start preparing now. Chuck Bentley says, “it is a mistake to dip into that nest egg for predictable projects like home improvements or a car purchase.” Here are four retirement mistakes to avoid.
  • Would God Ask You Into Debt to Answer His Call? by Stewardship Team. Does God ask people to go into debt in order to answer His call? Chris Brown says, “Staying out of debt puts you in a better position to give of your time, your talents and your treasure.” Here are some biblical principles about debt and God’s will.

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