My 5 for Friday (May 27, 2016)

Your Start to a Well-Read Weekend

What questions should you be asking yourself about your leadership? What are some common tensions of leadership? And what money mistakes should you avoid before retirement?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday:

  1. Six Questions Leaders Should Routinely Ask Themselves by Eric Geiger. Are you routinely evaluating your leadership? Eric Geiger believes you should because “our lives are like a mist, here now and gone quickly, we should examine them to ensure we are making the most of the time.” Here are six questions leaders should routinely ask themselves.
  2. 7 Tensions Every Leader Faces – Everyday by Ron Edmondson. There are many different tensions we face every day. As leaders, the story is no different. Ron Edmondson shares that “learning to balance the tensions of leadership may determine the level of success that a leader can sustain.” Check out the seven tensions every leader faces.
  3. Encouragement is 51% of Leadership by Dan Reiland. Do others see you as an encourager? In this post, Dan Reiland says, “Encouragement isn’t something that you do from a checklist of “things to do today.” It’s a way of life for a leader.”
  4. Top 5 Money Mistakes to Avoid Before Retirement by Do you have a retirement plan? Some of your greatest years are ahead of you, if you plan accordingly. However, Chris from says that “there are a few basic money mistakes that can derail your progress.” Read his post and steward your financial health well.
  5. 10 Summer Job Ideas for Budding Teen Entrepreneurs by Are you or someone you know looking for a summer job? Bob from says, “These days, it can be hard for teens to find a good summer job. In many areas, teens are competing with adults for positions that used to be considered high school jobs.” Here are ten summer job ideas for budding teen entrepreneurs.

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