My 5 for Friday (May 4, 2018)

Why is it so difficult to say “no?” What could your marital fights about money be telling you? And how can you maximize your church giving this summer?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. 11 Reasons I Struggle to Say No by Chuck Lawless. Have you ever thought about why it can be so difficult to say “no”? As a result, our calendars fill up and we can become overwhelmed. Through his personal self-analysis, Chuck Lawless identifies eleven of his motives, good or bad, behind not saying “no.” Check out this post to help determine what some of your reasons are behind not saying “no.”
  2. 5 Practical Ways To Teach Your Kids About Money by Chuck Bentley. As parents, we have a great opportunity to instill Godly financial values in our children. But what does this practically look like? Chuck Bentley believes “it all comes down to being intentional about the key lessons to pass on to our children.” Check out this post to see how you can be intentional in teaching your kids about money.
  3. Why Fights About Money Could Be Signs of Greater Problems In Your Marriage  from Relevant. We all have a past, and part of that past includes experiences with money. Whether positive or negative, this shapes our current view of how money should be handled in ways we may not realize. Relevant points out that “fights about money are almost never about money. Fights about money might be signs of a deeper conflict sitting closer to the heart of your marriage.” So how do you determine what this conflict is? Check out this article for advice on how to see what your money fight could really be about.
  4. If You Are Not Faithful With Little… by Eric Geiger. Do you ever find yourself thinking of what you’ll do better once you’re promoted, have more money, or have more time? Eric Geiger challenges that way of thinking with the passage in Luke 16 saying, “Those who are not faithful in the important aspects of leadership now likely won’t be later.” Take a look at this post for encouragement on how to be faithful with little.
  5. Maximize Summer Giving in Your Church from Generis. We know that with the summer time comes decreased church attendance, but have your ever thought about how that affects church giving? Generis points out that “The number one factor triggering the summer slump in giving is decreased weekly church attendance.” Keep reading to learn practical ways to maximize summer giving in your church.

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