My 5 for Friday (November 24, 2017)

Why do some ministry leaders don’t seem to understand the “real world?” How can you make your meetings more effective? And what can’t a church do for a pastor?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. 7 Practical Indicators of Good Leadership Character by Dan Reiland. What qualities characterize a great leader? Is it their abilities? Or is it based on who they are as a person? Dan Reiland writes, “It doesn’t matter how intelligent, talented or successful a leader is, if they lack integrity, over time they will lose influence.” Checkout this post for seven practical indicators of good leadership.
  2. 4 Reasons Ministry Leaders Don’t Get the “Real World” by Eric Geiger. Have you ever heard people refer to ministry leaders as having an easier role than those who work in the “real world”? Eric Geiger writes, “While the world of ministry may be different, it is definitely not easier than “the real world.” Here are four reasons ministry leaders don’t get the “real world.”
  3. Pruning: Biblical Practices that Healthy Businesses Embrace and Stuck Churches Avoid by Tony Morgan. In this post, Tony Morgan shows us how the business world has implemented key biblical principles to grow their business. Principles that some stuck churches would do well to implement. Tony writes, “When we don’t practice pruning, eventually the briers and the thorns take over. Businesses get this, and that’s why they routinely prune. If they don’t, they know their business will lose focus.” Take a look at these biblical practices that healthy businesses embrace and stuck churches avoid.
  4. How To Make Your Meetings More Effective by Jay Mitchell. Meetings are a necessary part of many jobs. But not all of them are created equal. In this post, Jay Mitchell with the Vanderbloemen Team answers the question: “How can you begin to make your meetings an aspect of work that your team looks forward to rather than dreads?” Look here to find out how to make your meetings more effective.
  5. 7 Things the Church Can’t Do for the Pastor by  Ron Edmondson. As a pastor, there are some things only you (not your church) can do.  According to Ron Edmondson, “You may have the greatest church of your ministry career, but regardless of how wonderful the church is they can’t do all the things for you that your soul, personal life and ministry demands.” Read this post and find out seven things the church can’t do for the pastor.

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