My 5 for Friday (October 6, 2017)

What are some traits of a great staff? What can Charles Spurgeon teach us about stress? And should your church do a year-end giving campaign?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. 5 Traits of Great Staff by Dan Reiland. A great team is made up of a great staff. But how do you know what traits to look for when building your team? Dan Reiland writes, “Selecting the best staff is an art, we never get it perfect, but if you know what you are aiming for you are much more likely to get.” Take a look at this post for five traits of great staff.
  2. 10 Leadership Truths I Cling To by Chuck Lawless. The life of a leader comes with its challenges and discouragements. Based on his experience, Chuck Lawless writes, “I’ve learned a lot as a leader – usually the hard way, because of my mistakes. For that reason, I’ve also learned to hold tightly to some truths that help me press forward.” Take a look at this post for ten leadership truths to cling to when you need encouragement.
  3. 7 Spurgeon Quotes for Stressed Leaders by Eric Geiger. In this post, we learn from one of the greatest leaders within the history of the church – Charles Spurgeon. His life was one of incredible influence, yet, as Eric Geiger writes, “he battled anxiety, depression, and significant suffering. He knew the pressures of leadership and ministry like few others.” Don’t miss this post for seven Spurgeon quotes for stressed leaders.
  4. 7 Phrases to Ban When Trying to Discover New Ideas by Ron Edmondson. How do you generate new ideas with your team without knocking the bad ones your team members put forward? Ron Edmondson writes, “There should be plenty of time to critique ideas before they are implemented, but when looking for new ideas you want EVERY idea on the table.” Take a look at this post for seven phrases to ban when trying to discover new ideas.
  5. Should Our Church Do A Year-End Giving Campaign? by Generis. How do you successfully implement a year-end giving campaign in your church? The Generis Team writes, “If a project is poorly planned or communicated, ineffectively executed, or focused more on the church than the giver, you will do damage to your generosity culture instead of helping it grow.” Check out this post for advice on how to determine if your church should implement a year-end giving campaign, and how to do that effectively.

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