My 5 for Friday (September 29, 2017)

What should you ask yourself when you feel inadequate as a leader? Does technology help you become a better minister? And how do you live with financial integrity?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Inadequate As A Leader by Carey Nieuwhof. Do you at times feel inadequate as a leader? Sometimes so much so that you even consider quitting? Carey Nieuwhof writes, “If you take yourself out, the enemy won’t have to. He’s already won.” Furthermore, “No matter how capable a leader you are, there should always be at least a moderate sense that the challenge ahead is beyond you.” Take a look at this post for five questions to ask yourself when you’re feeling inadequate as a leader.
  2. Is Your Technology Actually Helping You Minister Better? by Tim Cool. Technology is a wonderful thing. But it can also create more work at times. Is your church using the benefits of technology to your advantage, or are you getting bogged down with tedious tasks. According to Tim Cool, “By automating a workflow, you not only set up a standard way to handle the process every time, you can also eliminate manual tasks such as sending notifications, updating calendars, and transferring data.” Take a look at this post for advice on how to use technology to help you minister better.
  3. Discerning a Difficult Staff Transition by Dan Reiland. What do you do when you begin having concerns about a particular staff member? Especially when it’s not cut and dry. On this issue Dan Reiland writes, “The dangerous factor here is that even though there is nothing blatant, and in fact it’s difficult to get a handle on the real issue, it’s easy to allow one person to adversely impact the whole team.” Check out this post for twelve good questions to help you discern the right decision about a staff member.
  4. If I Only Had One Leadership Principle To Share by Ron Edmondson. If someone asked you to share one piece of advice on leadership, what would it be? Ron Edmondson writes, “If I only had one principle of leadership to share it would be: It’s not about you.” Take a minute to read this short, yet valuable post for a key piece of advice for any leader.
  5. Living With Financial Integrity by Ryan Rice. As a pastor, do you model financial integrity and set a godly example for other church members? The way we handle our money speaks not only of our financial health but also our personal integrity. Ryan Rice writes, “As pastors, we may not be the biggest givers in the church, but we should be the most faithful.” Check out this post for advice on how to live with financial integrity.

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