4 Generosity Killers That Are Sapping Your Ability to Live Generously (Podcast)

You want to live generously. You want to live with open hands, to give, go, and do as God directs you. But something keep sapping your ability to do so. You keep hitting a generosity killer.

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On this episode of The Money Challenge Podcast, we discuss four common Generosity Killers. They are:

  1. Keeping up with the Joneses
  2. Disorganization
  3. Debt
  4. A financially separate marriage

We also leave you with this week’s Money Challenge. Here it is:

Every day this week, find somebody to help. They are all around you. Let me give you a few ideas—purchase a cup of coffee for somebody, hold a door open for somebody, or even pray with someone that you know is experiencing a difficult time. The opportunities are endless. The key is intentionality. If you look for people in need, you will find them.

And be sure to check out this week’s Word of the Week: Net worth.

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