11 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

I have sold a few homes in my life. And so I understand that there are many potential points of stress throughout the process. One, that occurs right at beginning—choosing a real estate agent.

Here is something you need to understand, a statement that, unfortunately, will not reduce your stress at this point—Not all real estate agents are the same. Really. So it’s important to carefully consider who you choose to list your home.

How do you know which real estate agent you should choose? What questions do you ask? Maybe this will help reduce some stress—I have provided several questions for you to ask a real estate agent before you hire them to sell your home.

Here is my quick caution with these questions—don’t let them paint a negative picture of real estate agents in your mind. I am pro-real estate agent. But you do need to vet your agent.

  1. How long have you been a real estate agent? Experience does not always equal excellence. You can have a real estate agent that has performed poorly for many years. But it is helpful to know whether or not your home will be the first home they’ve sold.
  2. What is your ratio of buyers to sellers? Again, not a deal-breaker, but you should prefer to work with agents that work more with sellers than buyers. Their focus is doing exactly what you need somebody to do—sell your home.
  3. Are you full-time or part-time? You need to know how much attention they can give your home.
  4. In what neighborhoods do you typically work? It is helpful to know whether or not they have experience working in your area. Such experience can go a long way in assisting you in determining the sell price, marketing your house, and connecting with real estate agents who may have buyers interested in moving to the area.
  5. Have you sold any homes in my neighborhood? If they have successfully sold a home in your neighborhood, that should bode well for them.
  6. How many clients do you have right now? You need to determine your personal preference here. An agent with less clients might have more time to dedicate to your home. However, an agent with more clients might indicate that he or she is a fairly successful agent. Personally, I want the busy agent with a lot of clients so that’s why I got my property valuation from this company. It’s the same principal as two heads are better than one.
  7. How would you market my home? Make sure they have a good plan. If they don’t have a plan or if you are not impressed with their plan, you might want to opt for another agent.
  8. Who else would be a part of the selling process? A good real estate agent has a team. If they are a one man or woman show, I get nervous.
  9. Are your fees negotiable? The answer should be “yes.”
  10. How long must I list my home with you? You do need to give your real estate agent time to sell your home. Don’t get frustrated if your home does not sell in the first twenty-four hours. Three to six months is normal. I prefer the shorter contracts. This allows you the ability to make a change earlier if expectations are not met.
  11. Do you have any references? Reach out to those who have used the particular agent. Ask about their experience. What did they like? What didn’t they like? Of course, remember it is likely that they are providing references they know will paint them in a positive light. But you should contact them regardless.

Selling a home can be stressful. Ask these questions to help take a little stress off the process of choosing your real estate agent. I hope your home sells quickly and for a satisfactory price.

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16 thoughts on “11 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

  1. I like your suggestion to ask potential real estate agents about their ratio of buyers to sellers to make sure their focus matches with our needs. My husband and I have been discussing the idea of looking for a larger home soon because our financial situation has improved considerably since we purchased our current home. I’m glad I read your article because I can see how asking about that ratio will help us find the right agent for our needs.

  2. I appreciate what you said about hiring an agent that has experience working in your respective area. When it comes to buying or selling a home, it’s important to find the best real estate agent available. My brother wants to buy a house in California, so I’ll make sure to help him find the best agent in his new area.

  3. By no means is sole ownership the only way to get involved. It is slightly more active, but with a good property manager you don’t need to ever swing a hammer.

  4. I like your suggestion to ask about who will be part of the selling process so we know if they’ll have a team or not. My husband and I want to sell our home so we can move to a larger one with more space for our new baby. I’m glad I read your article because you gave some great suggestions about questions to ask potential real estate agents.

  5. It’s true that knowing the working house of a real estate agent is also important so that you’ll know how much time they usually spend in looking for potential buyers. My sister is planning to sell her house this year because she will be living overseas for good. I will advise her about all the tips you shared in looking for a real estate agent, especially the time they spend in looking for a buyer to determine how long will your house gets sold.

  6. When looking to sell your house, you should always keep in mind that looking for a trustworthy real estate agent takes priority since they would be the one handling most of the details of the sale of your house. One thing to consider is that they should be a full-time agent since they would be focusing more on getting your house on the market and getting back to you once someone does buy it. If I had the chance to work in real estate then I would have to make sure that I can devote enough time to each and every client that I would have.

  7. Thanks for the advice to discuss the real estate agent’s experience to find out about their previous performance. This would be useful to find one that knows what they’re doing. When talking about their experience, it would probably be a good idea to talk about how long they’ve worked in the area and the services they’ve provided to ensure you find one that understands the local market and knows how to help you buy or sell your property.

  8. I like that you mention finding an agent that focuses on the services you need them to do and to find out how much attention you’ll get from them. When choosing ones to interview, it might help to go online to research local real estate companies and professionals. This could help you learn information about them and their services as well as provide their contact information so you can then set up appointments with the ones that fit the requirements you need in order to be able to focus on questions more specific to your situation and their skills.

  9. Cleaning is the way to make your home look progressively delightful. You may lean toward some minor redesigns, paints so it will change the vibe of home and draw in the purchasers.

  10. One of the important things a client should ask a real estate agent is how many previous clients have they had prior to meeting with you–since an agent who’s handled a lot of successful clients is the norm when it comes to looking at these kinds of things. Another thing to ask is how they would market the house since they should know how to do it and with good reason! If I had to work as a real estate agent then I would at least make sure that whoever client asks me for my services would get the best from me.

  11. I like that you said that when choosing a real estate agent if they have successfully sold a home in your neighborhood, that should bode well for them. My husband and I are thinking about selling our home so that we can move into a bigger one to give us more space. I think that it would be nice to have one that had sold a house in our area because I think it would show that they knew the area and that would help people want to buy our house.

  12. One thing to keep in mind when looking for a real estate agent is their experience with selling and buying. The reason for this is that you would want to place your house (and your trust) in the hands of someone capable who knows what they’re doing. If I were to look for a real estate agent then I would definitely go for one that knows the ins and outs of the market and is knowledgeable about buying and selling houses in general.

  13. One of the things to keep in mind when looking for a real estate agent is their flexibility when it comes to their fees–the answer in most cases should be a “yes” when this question comes up. Another thing of concern is that you should be patient when it comes to listing the house for sale since this isn’t like selling smaller products where they can be snapped up in the blink of an eye–patience is a virtue, they say! If I had the chance to look for a real estate agent’s service, I would definitely look for one who has the utter patience to help me sell my house.

  14. It’s great to know a few questions to ask a potential real estate agent when you’re on the lookout and want to find one, and at the same time be able to get their services. One of these questions would usually involve asking what kind of neighborhood they are best known to work for, what kind of expertise do they have about the area you want to live in. If I had a chance to work as a real estate agent one of the first things I would do is to familiarize myself with the neighborhood.

  15. It’s great to know that you can talk with a real estate agent and ask them how they would market my home should I choose to sell it. Since they’ve already got experience, they can be able to give you the best answer since they’ve already sold homes previously and can get a good hand on what to do with your property. If I had a chance to sell a house I would at the very least contact a real estate agent and ask them how they would go about trying to sell my house.

  16. It’s great to know that when it comes to the real estate selling process, there’s an entire team involved and they’re not just a one-man show. If they were a one-man show then that would be a warning bell since sales usually operate in teams who process all the papers and ensure that everything’s going to be done right. If I were to work as a real estate agent I would definitely have a team of sales agents with me because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to handle a sales pitch alone.