3 Questions Married Couples Must Answer to Turn the Notorious Marriage-Divider (Money) into a Marriage-Uniter

Most of us are aware of the fallout from financial stress in marriage. It is often reported as the number one reason couples get a divorce.

The Bible tells us that a husband and wife are to be as one. This oneness is to infiltrate all areas of the couple’s lives.

Including money.

So how does a married couple turn the notorious marriage-divider into a marriage-uniter?

Answering these three questions may help:

  1. Is it worth it? Is getting on the same page actually worth it? If you can both agree that finding oneness in your finances is important, you have taken a really big step. I am going to assume that you both care about your marriage and want to experience the type of marriage God has designed for you. If this is true, determining the worth of knocking out one of marriage’s biggest dividers should be a no-brainer.
  2. What is our “bigger than us” dream? Goals bring teams and organizations together. And they can help bring a marriage together. Sit down with your spouse and talk about your financial goals. Certainly, talk about getting out of debt, paying for your children’s college, and having enough for retirement. But also talk about how you want to see your money leveraged for Kingdom advancement, how you want to see God use your resources to make an eternal difference. Discuss your “bigger than us” dream.
  3. How can we get there? Intentions and goals are good. But you still need a plan. You need to map out how you and your spouse will reach your “bigger than us” dream. More than likely, it will involve sacrifice. It will involve persistence. And it will involve patience. But through it all, keep your eyes on the dream. Dream, and work hard together.

Money can rip apart a marriage. The statistics are unfortunately clear on this. Don’t let this happen to your marriage. Be determined to turn the notorious marriage-divider into a marriage-uniter.

But if you feel the situation with your marriage is hopeless, contact divorce lawyer, Bethany Glandorf, in Nashville, TN. Divorce doesn’t have to turn into a battle. It is possible to make the process quick and painless depending on the circumstances.

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