3 Simple Methods to Get Back on Track With Your Bible Reading Plan

Don't Give up on Your New Year's Resolution Yet

Allow me a moment of confession—I got behind on my Bible reading plan. My church challenged each of its members to read through the Bible in 2016, and I eagerly accepted. I couldn’t wait to get started.

And while I kept up with the readings for a while, I began missing a day here and a day there. Suddenly, I found myself almost a week behind. In that moment, I had two options—Give up or catch up.

Many of you made a New Year’s resolution to work through a Bible reading plan. It may have been to read through the entire Bible this year. If you have found yourself behind on your 2016 Bible reading plan, you have the same two options—Give up or catch up. The easiest option is the former. But the most satisfying option is the latter.

For those who desire to get back on track with your Bible reading plan, here are three simple methods you can follow:

  1. The Binge-Read Method. This is the catch up quick method. We all hear about bing-watching, where someone watches a television show for hours at a time, maybe even watching an entire season. Binge-reading is similar. Take a big chunk of your day (or maybe multiple days) and work through your reading plan. If you don’t have hours you can commit to reading, make sure that every free moment you do have is used for reading.
  1. The 7-Day Method. Add the number of days you have missed. Divide that number by seven. Over a seven-day period, cover that many more readings each day. For example, let’s say you have missed fourteen days. For the next seven days, you would have three (14/7 = 2 + regular daily scriptures) total readings to cover each day.
  1. The Double-Up-Until-You-Catch-Up Method. For this method, simply read two readings each day instead of one. Continue to do this until you find yourself back on track. This methods requires the least amount of additional time, but it also takes the longest to catch up.

Which did I choose? I did the binge-read method. Chalk it up to impatience.

The good news is that we are just concluding the first quarter of the year. You have nine months left. You can and should get back on track. So go ahead and plan to make good on your New Year’s resolution. Without a doubt, this one resolution is worth the effort.

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3 thoughts on “3 Simple Methods to Get Back on Track With Your Bible Reading Plan

  1. Great post and best wishes for completing your goal of reading through the Bible in one year. You can do it! Today I just completed my third consecutive year of daily Bible reading and reading through the Bible in a year. Some need to work up to developing this habit, and lead very busy lives. So it’s not easy. But I have developed some plans I call the 40For40 plan – read 40 verses for 40 days. I just announced the 40For40 plan for The Writings of the Apostle John. Click the link to my website if interested. Blessings!