3 Steps to Break Through the Busyness of Leadership

How to Determine What You Need to Do Next

A leader’s day can be hectic and time consuming. Many feel as if a never-ending to-do list sits in front of them at all times. There is never enough time. There is never enough energy. And in the midst of it all, they find themselves forgetting about the most basic elements of leadership. It is not uncommon for these ultra-busy leaders to question whether or not they are really leading or just doing.

Maybe this is you. If you find yourself consumed with tasks and activities, let’s take a look at three steps to break through the busyness of leadership.

  1. Let vision define priorities. What should you do first? What is most important? And maybe more importantly, what deserves the least amount of attention? Look to your vision. Which ones align with and propel your organization’s vision best? Rank your activities according to the vision. Let vision define priorities.
  1. After prioritizing, do what only you can do. There are some tasks that only the leader can accomplish. When you look at your list of priorities, determine what can only be done by you. Here’s an added bonus—if it allows you to remind others of the vision, take it.
  1. Finally, delegate what others can do better. As a leader, you surround yourself with people who can handle their responsibilities better than you could. It is how you create a successful team. So after you have determined the priorities that only you can do, delegate. Give your team members the opportunity to showcase their abilities. This is why you brought them on the team in the first place.

Busyness can frustrate leaders, especially when the hectic to-do list hinders their ability to lead. If this is you, these three steps can help clarify what you should, and shouldn’t, be doing. Let vision define priorities. Then, do what only you can do. And finally, delegate what others can do better.

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