3 Ways Online Giving Helps Your Church

Online giving continues to grow in popularity. In many churches, the option has been normalized for some time now, and they are now testing the waters of text giving.

But online giving isn’t for everyone. I have had plenty of conversations with godly men and women who struggle with idea. And that is okay. In fact, let me suggest that some of you should not give online. In this post, I lay out three signs that online giving may not be right for you.

Of course, there are many good reasons why individuals choose to use the church’s websites to give. Online giving is safe, convenient, and consistent. Church members like knowing that they no longer have to worry about whether or not they remembered to bring their checkbook on Sunday. Their tithe was already taken out of their bank account.

Online giving does not just help church members. Churches can benefit from online giving as well. Here are three ways online giving helps your church:

  1. Online giving saves your church time. On Monday mornings, many churches have individuals (sometimes volunteers and sometimes staff) that count and record the week’s offering. Making sure that the count is correct is a detailed and time-consuming act. With online giving, much of the work is already done for the church. Human error and work time can be greatly reduced.
  2. Online giving helps your church’s planning. Many online giving programs allow for recurring gifts. This means that a certain amount of money is deducted from the church member’s bank account on a date specified by the church member. These types of recurring gifts provide an element of financial predictability for the church. As a result, budget planning becomes easier and more accurate.
  3. Online giving can potentially increase your church’s giving. Different giving avenues tend to attract new givers. The online giving is especially good at getting younger generations involved in giving. I have also heard similar reports from churches about text giving. Younger generations simply don’t carry around cash and checks. And we will not see this trend decrease.

Online giving can be a help to many churches. The option can save time, make planning easier, and potentially increase giving. These are benefits that would make any church administrator smile.

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