4 Reasons Why Limiting Your Goals Maximizes Your Results

Set Yourself up to Accomplish More by Pursuing Less

How many times have you aggressively set several goals, only to watch them fall to the wayside? We have all been there. And it is disheartening.

Whether you are a leader trying to guide a team or you are someone trying to get your money back under control, we can all find ourselves trying to accomplish too much too soon. For many of us, it is just who we are.

But what if setting numerous goals, even if they are good goals, actually works against us? What if setting numerous goals actually slows us down instead of speeding us up? What if one of the ways to maximize results is to limit your goals?

Let’s look at four reason why limiting your goals maximizes your results:

  1. You are less likely to feel overwhelmed. When you have numerous goals to accomplish, you often don’t know what to do next. You want to expend energy on each goal equally, but you can’t. Even simple tasks become burdensome. Suddenly, the weight of everything you need to do comes crashing down on you. It is suffocating. It is overwhelming. Choosing only a few goals allows you to put forth the focus and energy that each goals needs. You feel lighter and you can move more quickly, allowing you to reach the goals in a shorter span of time.
  1. You are more likely to be passionate. When you limit your goals, you are forced to choose goals that are most important. The less important goals are set aside. But because you have identified the most important goals, passion for reaching them comes easily. I said this before, but I believe it is worth repeating—Great results are often the product of the energy behind the decision, not the decision itself.
  1. Progress becomes more visible. Want to be motivated? Identify progress. When chasing numerous goals, incremental progress becomes difficult to spot. Keeping your goals to a select few allows milestones to be more clearly identified.
  1. Saying “no” becomes easier. When you are chasing everything, you have to do everything. You find yourself saying “yes” too frequently. You feel as if there is no other choice. And if you are trying to reach several goals at one time, you may be right. You have to say “yes.” Choosing just a few goals allows you to say “no” so that you can focus on what really matters right now. You can say “no” to something of lesser importance so that you can say “yes” to what is most important.

How many goals do I recommend? Try to choose 2 or 3 at time. Sometimes these goals will be quickly accomplished. When that happens, move on to other goals. The key is to purposeful limit your goals so that you can give them focused energy and create a higher probability of you reaching them. Limit your goals to maximize your results.

The Value of Goals

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