3 Signs That Giving Online to Your Church May Not Be Right for You

When You May Need to Wait to Drop the Check in the Offering Plate

Like many others, I give to my church online.

There are several reasons why I like online giving. It’s convenient, safe, reduces my church’s administrative costs, and helps my church’s budgeting.

Online giving is a method that helps me align with God’s design for my money—to be a conduit through which His generosity flows. For me, setting up automatic giving was an act of commitment and discipline.

But not everyone has this same experience with online giving. In fact, there are some that probably should avoid giving to their church online.

Here are three signs that online giving may not be right for you:

  1. You no longer think about giving. Even though you do give, the automated capabilities have eliminated any thought of it. The money is taken from your checking account and you rarely stop to consider its departure. While the end of the year contribution statement is alive with numbers, the spiritual act of worship of giving is dead. If this is you, online giving may not be right for you.
  1. Your giving feels disconnected from the church’s mission. Giving to your local church should make you feel more connected, not less. Yet, you do not feel that you are contributing to the mission of the church. The click of the mouse has become cold and isolated. If this is you, online giving may not be right for you.
  1. You feel that it hurts your ability to lead by example. I hear this most from pastors. They feel they are missing out on an opportunity to lead by example when they give online. They want their church members to see them give, not to draw attention themselves, but to draw attention to the act of giving. Online giving does not provide this. On a few occasions, I have heard this from parents as well.  If this is a significant concern for you, online giving may not be right for you.

Online giving is a method of giving that works for some but not others.

Giving is a spiritual act of worship. And I would never advocate someone use a method of giving that they feel hinders their spiritual life.

Whatever method you use for giving, there must be heartfelt, spiritual involvement. And if ever a method eliminates that component of your giving, run from it.

5 Reasons to Consider (or Reconsider) Giving to Your Church Online

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One thought on “3 Signs That Giving Online to Your Church May Not Be Right for You

  1. As a father of young children – they have both seen me at different times writing out the check and preparing the envelope for a Sunday. If I had given online – the teachable moment would have been missed as I explained about what I was doing. I am a technology savvy person in many areas except when it comes to church giving. Maybe in the future I will switch over to online giving, but for now I will continue to write the check and use the envelopes and drop it into the offering plate each Sunday.