5 Articles to Get Your 2018 Started

There is something about the start of a new year. Everything is feels fresh. Somehow, it feels like you have been given a clean slate. And you want to take advantage of it.

There are lot of solid articles out there about taking advantage of this moment. To reduce the time you may spend perusing the internet (which may be a resolution for you) for such articles, we went ahead and did the searching for you.

Check out these 5 article to get your 2018 started:

  1. 5 Bad Habits to Break for a Better New Year by Dan Reiland. We all have bad habits. Some we’re aware of, and some we need help from others to point them out.  When we realize these habits and commit to breaking them, we will be better for it in the long run. In this post, Dan Reiland has identified five bad habits to break in order to have a better new year.
  2. Four Ways Pastors can Lead Their Congregations by Example by Josh Presley. As a church leader, how do your members see you? Do they see you as a picture of perfection or as an individual who displays the beauty of God’s grace in their lives? In this post, John Presley asks the question: “How can pastors and church leaders address our own brokenness in ways that exalt Christ, demonstrate the power of the Gospel, and strengthen the mission of the church?” He answers with four ways pastors can lead their congregations by example.
  3. How to Steward Your Mind, Body, and Money in the New Year by Chuck Bentley. Changing seasons and a new year reminds us of God’s goodness and the gift of renewal. Chuck Bentley writes, “As we enter 2018, let’s take hold of the natural progression and motivation of a New Year and commit to become better stewards of all the Lord has entrusted to us.” Take a look at this post, and learn how to better steward your mind, body, and money in the new year.
  4. How to Set Goals for Your Money by Stewardship Team. Most people would not describe budgeting and conversations about money as “fun.” However, according to The Stewardship Team, “If 2018 is the year you get a handle on your finances, it might also be the year that money becomes a tool used for fun.” It’s all about setting goals. Checkout this post for how to set goals for your money in 2018.
  5. Build Your Church Before You Build Your Building by Tim Cool. Is your church looking to build a facility or expand your existing one? Have you first considered your mission and who you are as a church? According to Tim Cool, “Addressing the ministry vision, mission, focus and values is the first step in lasting and intentional facility stewardship.” This post reminds us that we must first build the church before we build the building.

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