5 Career Tips for Recent College Graduates

Class of 2017,

Congratulations! You made it. You did the homework assignments. You completed the group projects. You wrote the papers. And you passed the exams. Now you are officially a college graduate.

For many college graduates, the next step is diving into a career. If this is you, here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Get a job. You identified the perfect job for you. Unfortunately, they chose another candidate. What do you do when your dream job becomes their job? Aggressively pursue other work. First of all, you need income, especially if you have loan debt. Secondly, the longer you are without work, the worse it looks to prospective employers. They begin to wonder why nobody else has hired you. Thirdly, unexpected job opportunities tend to find their way more frequently to those with jobs than those without a job. So don’t shun a job opportunity just because it is not your dream job.
  2. Work hard. When you get your first job, avoid apathy and laziness. Being diligent in your work brings God glory. This should be your primary motivation to work hard. Diligence can also produce advancement opportunities. A solid work ethic will benefit you for you entire career. So start early.
  3. Sweat the small stuff. When you are starting out, details matter. Don’t have typos in your resume. Once you get a job, show up on time. Dress appropriately. Learn to do your work really well. Concern yourself with the details. At this stage in your career, they really do matter.
  4. Invest in work relationships. Get to know your coworkers. Don’t make your work just about you. Find ways that you can serve them and their work. In whatever industry you choose to work, having friends will never hurt.
  5. Never stop learning. Do not view your diploma as the end of your education. Keep going. Read. Listen to podcasts. Watch lectures. Attend conferences. There are many avenues for ongoing learning. Take advantage of them.

Well done, college graduate. You have accomplished something significant. Education is a gift from God that is to be cherished and leveraged for His purposes.

Use this moment to launch into a successful career that glorifies God.

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