5 Church Budget Concerns That Are Keeping Church Leaders Up at Night

Recently, Envelope3 members filled out a quick, one-question survey. The survey simply asked “What is the biggest budgetary concern for your church right now?”

Most church leaders feel some financial strain in their church budgets. So the goal of the survey was to pinpoint the most pressing issues.

The responses were easily grouped into five primary categories.

Here were the top five most expressed concerns:

  1. Giving decline. This was the most commonly expressed concern of Envelope3 members. Giving continues to decrease, keeping the church in the red. As one respondent put it “We aren’t bringing in enough money through tithes and offerings to meet budget.”
  2. The need to have more money for ministry and outreach. “Not enough goes towards mission; most goes towards salaries and building.” Envelope3 members want to see more money go toward ministry line items and reaching their community with the Gospel. They want their budget to reflect mission.
  3. Significant debt. Debt is ravaging many church budgets. “(We have) too much debt hampering ministry opportunities.” Church leaders are saying, “What if?” What if we didn’t have debt? What if we could use that money for something else?
  4. High operations costs. Sometimes this is due to deferred maintenance. Church leaders expressed a concern that their operations costs were hindering their ability to do ministry.
  5. The need for a new or upgraded facility. The church facilities were deteriorating, but they lacked the margin and savings to renovate or build a new facility. They felt trapped by their aging buildings.

Ministry is difficult. Just like most people’s personal financial situation, money is tight. There is little room for error. Every dollar counts.

At Envelope3, the desire is to provide church leaders with tools and resources to help make their church budget reflect mission, not just bill paying. We want your budget to be informed and strategic.

If you have not checked out Envelope3.com, you need to. The annual subscription is only $19.97, an amount almost any church can afford.

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Budgets are not a necessary evil. They are a tool for mission. Use Envelope3 to help align your church’s budget with her mission.

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