5 Not-So-Obvious Ways to Make Team Members Quit Next Month

I’m not trying to make you paranoid, but it’s likely that some of your team members are reconsidering their job.

Why? Because it is December. And January is the month where employees are most likely to quit.

At the end of the year, employees tend to reflect on the past and consider the future. Are they where they want to be? Are they doing what they want to do? Should 2017 look different?

And, every year, a large number of employees determine that the next year should look different.

So they leave.

During this important month, leaders can either reduce or increase their team members’ desire to leave. There are some more common ways to effect their decision—salary, advancement opportunity, and micromanaging.

But what are some not-so-obvious ways leaders can lose team members in January?

Here are five actions that may push them over the edge:

  1. Prioritize their job ahead of their family. For many, December is a month to see and spend time with family. They have been looking forward to this for a while. They have plans to travel. They have plans to take a vacation. If you make them feel like this is bad for their employment and career, they may feel like you are bad for them.
  1. Don’t say “thank you.” They have been working hard all year. Maybe they are happy with the results. Maybe they are disappointed. Either way, they need to hear gratitude for the time and effort spent working. If they feel underappreciated, they may appreciate a change in employment.
  1. Threaten their job. Unless you really want them to leave, December is not a month where you want to threaten their employment. They may leave you with nothing to threaten in January.
  1. Criticize their work at the Christmas party. You probably have some type Christmas party planned for your work. In fact, you probably have several of them. This is not the time to criticize their work. It takes, what should be a moment of celebration, and makes it a moment of public embarrassment. If you do this, it may be their last company Christmas party.
  1. Don’t be respectful to their spouse. Want your team member’s spouse encouraging their departure? Be rude to the spouse. Be disrespectful to them. This can happen at the Christmas party. Remember, when you are talking to your team member’s spouse, you are talking to probably the most influential person in their life. Make a bad impression on them, and you may make an ex-team member.

The end of the year is a time of reflection. We all do this. But for some team members, this includes their job. Treat your team members well this December, and give them every reason to stay.

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