5 Reasons to Treasure Challenges

We all need a mountain to climb. Sometimes we find it, and sometimes it finds us.

Challenges can hit you and your organization in a variety of ways. Your organization’s competitor starts taking customers away from you. Your church’s neighborhood demographics begin to change.

What are we to do? We don’t run from them. We treasure challenges like them. When you are hit with a challenge, focus on what challenges can do for you and your team.

  1. Challenges create clarity. They provide direction. They bring into focus the immediate issue that you and your team must resolve. They give you the mountain that you need to climb.
  1. Challenges foster creativity. They have a knack for pushing you and your team to think outside of the box.
  1. Challenges stretch people. They help you and your team to accomplish goals that you never thought you could accomplish. They push you to do more and become better.
  1. Challenges bring teams together. They are rallying points. Patrick Lencioni pointed out the type of teamwork that occurs in a hospital’s emergency department. Why? Because they are handed challenges that require it. Silos are often broken when challenges are present.
  1. Challenges are opportunities. For all of the reasons just mentioned.

“Go build the biggest tower you have every built.” I told my sons this the other day. Their response? They smiled, ran to their playroom, pulled out their Legos and started building. Their mind was alive with all the possibilities my challenge presented.

You will get hit with challenges. And your response to those challenges matters. Most challenges do not go away on their own. So you have two choices–run from it or run toward it. Just so you know, energy is spent either way. Use your and your team’s God-given talents, abilities, and experiences. Focus on the good that can come from the challenge, and run toward it.

Build the biggest tower you have ever built.

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