5 Things for Which All Leaders Should Pray

Becoming Equipped to Steward People Well

Leaders have a great responsibility. By the very nature of their role, they are responsible for guiding others. They are responsible for stewarding the talents and skills of people for a greater good. It is a responsibility that most choose to avoid.

For those who choose to take on this responsibility, prayer becomes a necessity. But what should a leader pray for? Here are five things for which all leaders should pray:

  1. Humility. To realize that they are no greater than any of those who follow them. God does not view the leader as greater than the follower. Nor should they. Humility to listen to others. To admit when they are wrong. And to be a servant first and foremost.
  1. Wisdom. Wisdom to see what is right and what is wrong, and the wisdom to act accordingly. Wisdom to make decisions for the greater good and not for personal gain. Wisdom to know how to make people feel respected and loved.
  1. Clarity. To see where they need to lead followers. To articulate the destination. And to articulate the strategy that will get them there.
  1. Empathy. Empathy for those they lead. To put themselves in the shoes of others. To understand the context through which their thoughts are processed and their words are spoken. And to use this understanding for their good.
  1. Priority. To understand that understand that work is good, but it can become an idol. To put our relationship with God first and our relationship with our family next. To never find himself or herself as a worker who follows God, but as a follower of God who works.

Leaders have been given a significant responsibility. They are stewards of people. And the weight of their stewardship should drive them to prayer. They should frequently find themselves in prayer for humility, wisdom, clarity, empathy, and priority.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things for Which All Leaders Should Pray

  1. I agree with you Sam, we could all have for these five qualities in making decisions. Scripture, as far as I know it, tells us to ask for wisdom if we need it. I also feel some people make life harder then it should be, but please please do not get this wrong.