5 Ways a Christian’s Retirement Years Should Differ from Everyone Else’s

Breaking the Retirement Mold

A beach. A hammock. A golf course. A fishing pole.

What images go through your mind when you dream about retirement?

Many consider rest and relaxation to be the primary activity of retirement. Or you might say that retirement is about the absence of activity for many.

But is this what God wants out of our post-paycheck years? Or does He want something different? Something better.

The golf course is good. So is the beach. And there are times to enjoy those things.

But the Christian’s retirement should look different than most. How? Here are five ways:

  1. Retirement is about them, not you. The Great Commission does not stop when your retirement starts. It is a command Jesus gave us that we are to obey from the moment we become Christians to our death. There is no exclusion for retirement years. So retirement is just like every other year in a Christian’s life—less about you and more about those who must hear the gospel.
  1. Retirement is about mission, not lounging. While certainly there is a time to relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor, retirement is not a time for Christians to let off the gas. So if you need to take a rest in a hammock, go for it. But do not neglect the mission of which you get to be a part. No golf score can compete with the thrill you will get when your Father says those words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
  1. Retirement is about open hands, not tight grips. Some retirees find themselves with fewer bills and more resources. This is great news. It means that you have planned well. But the retirement years are not yours to keep resources to yourself. Use your financial health to benefit others. Keep your hands open, use your resources for Kingdom advancement.
  1. Retirement is about getting involved, not playing hooky. You have knowledge, experience, and time that churches and people need. You possibly have more to bring to the table now than at any other point in your life. Get involved in your local church. Retirement is the perfect time to serve at your greatest level yet.
  1. Retirement is about breaking the retirement mold, not staying in the ordinary. The Christian’s retirement is anything but typical. It is another chapter in your life’s adventure as a believer in Christ. God designed you for mission, for open-handedness, and for involvement. The Bible does not tell us to spend the later years of our lives in constant pursuit of relaxation. It tells us to go. It tells us to finish the race. It is a retirement plan that is anything but ordinary.

Enjoy retirement by living the life God designed you to live.

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