5 Ways to Stay Open-Handed When Money Is Tight

God has designed us to use all of our resources to point people toward Him and advance His Kingdom.

Open-handedness, being willing to let go of your resources when God calls you to do so, is not just for those with a large balance in their checking account.

It is for you. It is for me. It is for everyone.

Many assume that because they have little margin in their finances, they are unable to have a posture of generosity.

But this is not true.

Being open-handed extends beyond your the money in your bank account. You can live generously with and without large sums of money.

Here are five ways to stay open-handed, even whey money is tight:

  1. Continue giving to your local church. I know. Money is tight. But even when you experience financial stress, you should still make it a priority to give to your local church. God tells us to give and does not provide an exclusion clause. The giving of our money is an act of obedience.
  1. Ask your church where you can serve. Be open-handed with your serving. This just takes a simple email. Connect with your church leader to see where they need help. Each church needs it’s members to participate in the ministry of the church. And, more than likely, they need you. Just ask. And try to participate in whatever way they suggest.
  1. Ask, “Can I help you?” When you see someone who might need help, ask if you can assist them. And if they say “yes,” do it.
  1. Request ways you can pray for those around you. Be open-handed with your prayers. You have friends. You have family members. You have neighbors. And they are all facing something in their life. They all have concerns that hang over them. Ask if you can pray for them. If they share a specific item with you, pray for it. If they don’t give you something specific, still pray for them.
  1. Keep your eyes and ears open. You never know where or when God will show you a need that you can meet. Stay aware of what is going on around you, and be prepared to say “yes” when God presents a need that you can meet.

God designed us, not to be hoarders, but conduits through which His generosity flows.

We need to pursue financial health, to be in a place where we are open-handed with our money, ready to give when God commands or tugs on our heart.

But even when money is tight, we can live with open hands.

Consider the ways you can live open-handed today.

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Open-Handed When Money Is Tight

  1. My country has been going through a recession that has affected ability of Christians to give generously as they used to give. At times like this, one has to pray for God’s wisdom in managing finances. Sometimes it becomes difficult to descern or know when giving is appropriate, little or too much especially when a couple do not in agreement on money matters. Spiritual principes of giving usually is in conflict with financial ‘commonsense’ giving.