This is Why Married Couples Need Shared Financial Goals

The statistics are unfortunately clear—financial stress disrupts marriages. Financial stress is consistently one of the leading reasons divorced couples give for their separation.

Financial disunity can destroy a marriage. Often, the division is a symptom of something occurring beneath the marriage’s surface. However, financial unity can help build a marriage. A significant impact occurs when married couples decide to bring their finances together and chase the same goals.

First let’s consider the effect on the marriage. The Bible tells us that husband and wife are to be unified. What happens when this occurs in a couple’s finances?

  • Pooling finances raises the level of accountability and responsibility. Both husband and wife are aware of each other’s income and expenditures. Nothing is hidden from either spouse.
  • Shared financial goals help couples dream together. In order to chase a financial goal, you first must agree what goal to pursue. The process of identifying a goal naturally lends itself to conversations about the future. They help couples dream together.
  • Shared financial goals help reduce money arguments. When couples are both supportive of their financial goals, there is less debate about how funds should be used. There is less debate about expenditures. Because they are chasing the same goal.

Next, let’s consider the effect on the couple’s finances.

  • Pooling finances helps couples understand their financial reality. When a married couple’s money is “mine” and “yours,” it is difficult to get a grasp on their current financial picture. Everything is scattered. Bringing oneness to a couple’s finances can help them better see where they are so they better know where to go.
  • Shared financial goals bring focus. There is power in focus. Narrowing the target brings greater energy and motivation to the chase. When couples agree upon which goals are to be pursued, they are more likely to be reached.

I cannot encourage married couples enough to identify goals they both desire to pursue and then chase after them. God desires unified marriages. This oneness extends to a couple’s finances. Get on the same page. Be unified in your finances. Experience the financial and relational impact shared financial goals can have on your marriage.

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