6 Reasons Why I Love My Standup Desk

My 6-Month Review of Using a Standup Desk

As I write this, I am standing up.

About six months ago, I abandoned the traditional office desk for a standup desk. And I have yet to look back.

Standing desks continue to increase in popularity as we learn more about the health risks associated with sitting down for long periods of time each day. I don’t stand all day long (since that has shown to be unhealthy as well), but I do stand for a significant portion of my day now.

Over the past six months, I have really grown to appreciate my standup desk. Instead of citing all of the medical benefits of a standing desk, I am just going let you know what I have personally noticed.

Here are six reasons why I love my standup desk:

  1. I have more energy during work. This is probably the most common praise of the standup desk community. And I have found it to be true. I noticed that I feel more alert and focused during times of the day when I used to grow lethargic. It is also easier for me to break through the well-known post-lunch hangover.
  1. I have more energy after work. Having more energy for my family after work has become one of my favorite benefits of the standup desk. I feel like I can give them more of me. When I get home, I am ready to throw the baseball with my five-year-old or dance to the sound of the Beach Boys with my two-year-old.
  1. I feel less antsy, especially later in the day. On days where I found myself sitting down for the majority of the day, 3:00pm was rough. I used to get really antsy. I had to get up and walk around just to regain focus. With the standup desk, that 3:00pm restlessness is gone. In fact, I often find myself needing to sit down instead.
  1. Impromptu meetings start off less awkward. This is one of two unexpected benefits I experienced with a standup desk. I am conscientiously aware of seating dynamics. I always try to make sure that where I sit or stand in relation to another person communicates what I intend to communicate. I never liked how, when someone walked into my office, I was sitting behind a desk while they were standing. The standup desk allows both of us to be standing, and I can get out from behind the desk quickly (which communicates cooperation more than competition).
  1. It becomes a conversation piece for guests. This was the second unexpected benefit. I have been surprised how many guests want to talk to me about the standup desk. But it has become and easy, comfortable starting point for many good conversations. Whether they have one and want to compare experiences or they do not have one and are curious, the standup desk is a frequent starting point for many conversations.
  1. I feel less guilty. Because I knew the health risks associated with traditional desks, I usually felt guilty after a day of sitting down. That is no longer the case. If anything, I find myself needing to get off my feet for a few moments after work. And I would much rather have that feeling over guilt any day.

For those interested in a standup desk, go for it. Do some window shopping on sites like https://deskview.co/pages/benefits-of-floating-desk and be sure to give yourself a few weeks to adjust. It is a big transition for your legs. So if you find yourself needing to sit down sooner than you expected, give yourself some grace. After a few weeks, your legs should adjust. At least, that is how it went for me.

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9 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why I Love My Standup Desk

    • We took an old desktop and attached a Uplift Desk 2-leg, adjustable frame to it. So far, we have had no issues with it.

    • I can only speak from experience about the Uplift Desk system. We took an old desktop and placed an adjustable, 2-leg system on it. I’ve really enjoyed it and recommend it. I know others who have a Varidesk and enjoy it as well.

  1. Art, I’d like to see a pic of your desk and know how you situated it in your office. I’m told people for several years that I wanted one but thought maybe it seemed a little nutty. 🙂 Also, where did you get it?

    • Thanks, Jeff. I just replied to your tweet with a picture of it. It was an old desktop with a Uplift Desk system placed under it.

  2. I agree! I’ve had my stand-up desk at work for about a year. Still love it! I also have a stand-up workstation at home. Kudos to my employer, Olivet Nazarene University, for giving me this option!