6 Ways to Make a Seemingly Meaningless Job Become Meaningful

Believe it or not, not everyone loves their job.

Work can be tedious. Work can be boring. Work can be hard. Work can be stressful.

For those who desire for their work to make a difference in the world, their job can often seem meaningless, disconnected from any real impact.

And for many, quitting is not an option. Maybe this is you.

So if you find yourself in this situation, what do you do?

Change your focus. Shift your focus to the difference your work can and does make, regardless of its imperfections.

  1. Focus on how your job plays a part in the larger impact the organization is making. Spend some time researching the impact of your organization. How does your organization ultimately make a difference in people’s lives? You are a part of that.
  1. Focus on impacting those around you. You can make a difference in your coworkers’ lives. They are probably facing some of the same challenges you are. This means that you get to be the bright spot in their day. Serve them. Show them Jesus.
  1. Focus on what it means to support your family. This is no small responsibility. Your income provides stability for your home. It helps put food on the table and a roof over their head. We often forget that many around our world (and even in our own nation) struggle to provide such things for their family. The ability to earn income for your family is truly a tremendous blessing.
  1. Focus on the work as a means to support efforts beyond the office. You may serve at a local church. You may volunteer at a homeless shelter. There are many opportunities to serve others outside of regular work hours. But they will not pay you for your work. You need other income to support your volunteer work. Your job can provide you that.
  1. Focus on how you are working for Christ. Ultimately, we are working for Christ. Every day you show up to the office, your work is for Him. And, yes, God can be glorified even in a mundane job.
  1. Focus on what God is teaching you through your work. God may be using this job to teach you something about him or yourself. Pay attention to what lessons you are learning and how God may be using this job to mold you into the person He wants you to be.

Not all work is fun. Not all work even seems meaningful.

But a shift in focus may help you see that your job really does matter. It may help showing up to the office a little easier.

If you are in a job that seems meaningless and leaving is not an option, try shifting your focus.

You may find the meaning that you have been looking for.

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