7 Distractions That Can Immediately Stop Your Productivity

Accomplish More by Doing Less

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to accomplish more? You leave work and their productivity is significantly higher than your productivity. You feel behind. Why is this?

It may have to do with distractions.

Distractions limit productivity. Unfortunately, while modern technological advancements that measures productivity better which enables more ways to be productive, they also provide more ways to be distracted.

Let’s look at seven distractions that can immediately kill your productivity:

  1. Web browsing. Whether you are looking at a product, article, or video, there is always another “recommended” link for you to click. There is always more. The internet is seemingly never-ending. And if you aren’t careful, you will find your internet exploring never-ending as well.
  1. YouTube watching. Speaking of videos, you can find yourself watching YouTube videos for, not just minutes, but hours if you are not careful. Once you start watching that hilarious blooper video, it becomes too easy to click the next blooper video and completely lose track of time. You may be laughing, but you are also procrastinating.
  1. Facebook snooping. Hold off on the urge to check up on what your friend’s former friend is doing with her life. Inevitably, another status update will catch your attention, prompting you to investigate the life of that person as well. Plus you will run across a fictitious news article that is so outrageous you have to read it. And then you will look up at your clock and notice that thirty minutes have gone by.
  1. Email obsessing. Responding to emails is frequently cited as one of the top hindrances to productivity. If this is you, try setting aside specific windows of time each day for email. This habit can reduce the urge to check your email every time you hear your computer notify you about a new message.
  1. Phone checking. I am guilty of this one. That smartphone is addicting. Like Pavlov’s dogs, when we hear the ding or buzz, we immediately grab our phone and check it out. And when we do, we find ourselves emailing, texting, commenting on Facebook, or tweeting on Twitter. Smartphones wrap all of the productivity killers into one device. Smartphones are wonderful and awful at the same time.
  1. Multi-tasking. Complete your current project before moving on to the next. And don’t try to do them simultaneously. Multitasking significantly reduces the power of focused attention. Multitasking can often make you do everything but accomplish nothing.
  1. Gossiping. Often times without thinking, meetings or impromptu discussions can quickly turn into complaining sessions. Try to avoid the demoralizing conversations about your coworkers. You will increase your trustworthiness and you will get more done.

Productivity requires focus. Figure out which distractions are killing your productivity. Once they are identified, find ways to limit them.

Limiting distractions will allow you to be more productive with your time. Give yourself the opportunity to focus.

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2 thoughts on “7 Distractions That Can Immediately Stop Your Productivity

  1. I found myself constantly getting distracted on the web and installed the Block Site Chrome extension. Sometimes if I’m legitimately looking up the score I allow the connection but it’s helped with the bad habit that I started of going and refreshing every few minutes to see if anything is updated.

    All of the items listed habit formed over time and over time can be changed to more positive habits