7 Reasons Why You Can Be a Leader

You Can Do This

The leadership role terrifies some people. They feel ill-equipped. They feel like they don’t have the right persona. They just don’t feel like a leader.

If this is you, let me encourage you. Many have the ability to lead but do not realize it. In fact, there are several important leadership qualities that you probably have right now. So before you write off your potential as a leader, let’s look at seven reasons why you can be a leader:

  1. You can care about others first. Let me take some pressure off of you—it is not about you, it is about them. A leader with an unsuccessful team is an unsuccessful leader. Put others first. Serve others first. When you focus on making sure others are successful, you become successful. You can do this.
  1. You can be passionate. You do not have to be charismatic to be passionate. The most important outcome of passion is not charisma but a tireless drive to reach a vision. Passion does not require eloquent words. It requires determination. You can do this.
  1. You can point people to a destination. All teams need a mountain to climb, and it is the leader’s responsibility to help identify that mountain. Leaders know where they are going and point others toward it. With your team, you can look at the current landscape and determine which mountain everyone needs to climb. And you can point everyone to it. You can do this.
  1. You can remind others of the goal. Leaders must consistently remind their team about the mountain they are to climb. It is one of the most underrated responsibilities of a leader. You can find and plan ways to remind everyone of the destination. You can do this.
  1. You can hold people accountable without being a jerk. One of the fears that prevent many from pursuing leadership roles is accountability. They don’t like confrontation. They don’t want to feel like a jerk. But you can remind others of the importance of performing well without being a jerk. Remind them of the mountain. Let them know you need them for the climb to be successful. You can do this.
  1. You can use your own personality. Some leaders are extroverts, others are introverts. Great leaders come in all shapes and sizes. If you need some encouragement regarding this, read Jim Collins’ Good to Great. You do not need to be concerned about whether or not you have the personality of a leader. Because you already have it. You can do this.
  1. You can have the perfect role model. If you want to see what perfect leadership looks like, look to Jesus. While on earth, he modeled the most important attributes of a great leader. He put others first. He sacrificed himself for others. If you are not sure what leadership looks like, look to Him. The perfect leader is found in the Bible. You can have the perfect role model. You can do this.

You can be a leader.

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