7 Reasons Why You Can’t Seem to Get a Job Interview

Job-hunting can be incredibly stressful.

The fact that you are job-hunting reveals need. For whatever reason, you need a new job. Maybe you are a soon-to-be college graduate. Maybe your organization eliminated your position. Or maybe you were fired.

The stress from this need is increased when you don’t get initial interviews from the places where you had submitted resumes. You sent it with high hopes, only to get a disappointing “no thank you.”

If you are consistently not getting initial interviews, there is probably a reason why. So before you send out your next resume, consider these seven reasons why people often don’t get job interviews:

  1. You social media presence is concerning to employers. I put this at the top because it continues to be an issue. Go ahead and assume that prospective employers are going to look at any social media account you have. Because they probably are. Is there anything on your accounts that may decrease an employer’s desire to hire you, whether it is a picture or a post? Have a friend look at it as well. An outside perspective may be beneficial.
  1. You are not customizing your letter and resume. Each organization is going to look for something different in an employee. Study the organization and try to craft a resume that would highlight parts of you and your career that would appeal to that specific organization.
  1. There are grammatical errors in your resume. Mistakes on your resume stand out with employers. It can make you seem careless or that you really are not concerned with putting your best foot forward for the organization. Neither is good.
  1. You are not following directions. For the same reasons as mentioned above, not following directions is concerning for employers. They assume that if you are unable to follow directions now, you will not be following directions later.
  1. You are completely unqualified for the position. This may be a tough pill to swallow—you are not qualified for every available position at every organization. Certainly, it is okay to pursue a few stretch, dream jobs. But, in general, you should be targeting jobs that are a really good fit for your qualifications.
  1. You seem overqualified. Sometimes you can put too many qualifications on a resume. And it can cost you an interview. Why are employers concerned about hiring someone who seems overqualified? Two reasons: They are worried that you will want a higher salary than what they can pay for the position and that you will leave as soon as you get a better offer. To combat the overqualified perception, put only relevant work experience and degrees on your resume. Remember, customizing your resume to the organization and position is key.
  1. You are giving up too easily. Sometimes you don’t hear back from an employer because they never received your resume or it got lost. Don’t be afraid to follow up after sending a resume. What do you have to lose? Don’t give up just because you don’t receive a response. 

Getting a job interview can be challenging. If you are consistently unable to secure an initial interview, consider these tips. Don’t give them a reason to pass on your application or resume.

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