7 Ways to Ensure a Miserable Renting Experience

Most of my renting experiences have been good.

But this is not the case for everyone. You probably have heard about some bad experiences. Fortunately, most horror stories could have been avoided.

We decided to contact Singleton Law Firm and make a list of several avoidable mistakes that renters frequently make. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Here are the best from Whitton Plumbing – seven ways to ensure a miserable renting experience:

  1. Don’t get to know the landlord. Do some research on the landlord. Talk to current tenants. See if there are any reviews online. Your landlord can make or break your renting experience.
  1. Don’t read the fine print. Make sure you understand what you are signing. Read the entire document. Avoid getting surprised by unexpected costs or restrictions.
  1. Don’t check to see what your rent really covers. Sometimes rent will cover utilities and amenities. But sometimes they don’t. Make sure you know what your monthly payment covers.
  1. Don’t document any preexisting damage. You can get hit with plumbing repair costs that never should have been your responsibility. Be a detective. Thoroughly investigate the property for any damage. If you find any, write it down, take pictures, and send them to the landlord. Keep a copy for your own files. Check if the landlord used the guide to improving the visual appeal of your property.
  1. Don’t get renters insurance. Your landlord’s insurance does not cover your possessions. But renter’s insurance does. Renters insurance covers you in the event of fire, water damage, or theft. Good news about this type of insurance—it’s usually cheap.
  1. Don’t get everything in writing. What your landlord says is not nearly as important as what your contract says. If you landlord makes additional promises that are not found in the contract, ask him or her to include the add-ons in the agreement.
  1. Don’t know your out. Sometimes you can break your lease without incurring any penalties. Make sure you know what they are.

Of course, I hope your renting experience is wonderful. And avoiding these mistakes can help you get off to a great start.

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