8 Ways to Become More Generous at Work

Generosity at work. We don’t talk about it enough. Yet, it has been shown that generosity at work can lead to greater success. More importantly, it is a way that we live out God’s teachings in our job.

In this episode, we consider a great article by Jodi Glickman, called “Be Generous at Work,” and the eight ways she provides to become a generous employee.

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Here are the points we discuss:

  1. Make your boss’ life easier or better.
  2. Think about next steps so your boss doesn’t have to.
  3. Lead with the punch line.
  4. Share information readily.
  5. Always ask if someone has a moment to speak.
  6. Share credit easily.
  7. Mentor.
  8. Assume collective responsibility for failure; assign individual praise for success.

This week’s Money Challenge:

Be generous with praise at work. When you see your coworkers doing something well, point it out. Publically recognize them for their work and their success. This doesn’t take much. It can be as simple as saying, “Great job with ________________.” Just be sure to say it in front of others.

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