Meeting with a Great Leader? Ask These 10 Questions

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Great leaders are all around us. You probably often get the opportunity to have conversations with great leaders, some you know well and others you just met. Their scope of responsibility inevitably varies. They may lead a large corporation or a small ministry. Whatever, the scope, you can learn something from their knowledge and experience. The key to gleaning from their insights is the ability to ask good questions.

So whether you see a particular leader every week or you are given a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with a world-renowned leader, here are 10 questions that I recommend asking:

 1. Besides your own organization, what other organization do you most admire? Why?

2. What is the most difficult decision that you have made as a leader, and how did you think through that decision?

3. How do you focus your organization?

4. What questions do you ask yourself?

5. How do you motivate your employees?

6. Where do great ideas come from within your organization?

7. What is one mistake that you see leaders make more than others?

8. How do you ensure that your organization’s activities are aligned with their core values?

9. How did you build your team?

10. What books do you recommend?

Help me build the list. What question(s) would you add?

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One thought on “Meeting with a Great Leader? Ask These 10 Questions

  1. It’s great to landon your leadership posts, you have blessed me how I WISH to pray for you always to continue touching maney souls of other leaders. Pray also for ZION HARVEST CHURCH a young church in rural setting with many ministry challengesparticularly on finances and management.