Before You Accept Your New Job Offer

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You made it through the interviews and now have the job offer in hand. They want you to be a part of the ministry, and that feels good. There is always some sense of satisfaction in knowing you are wanted. The easiest move you could now make is to say “yes.”

But now is a good time to pause and consider some questions that are not answered in the document you hold. There are questions you need to answer that have nothing to do with salary, benefits, and title. So before you say “yes” to the job offer, make sure you can first say “yes” to these questions:

1. Do I like the ministry’s work culture?

Every organization has a unique culture, including ministries. As you walked around the facility and met other employees, were you comfortable? Did you like the work environment? Did you feel like you could be yourself?

2. Do I get excited about the ministry’s vision?

Note the question does not ask if you “can” get excited. Saying you “can” get excited is much different than already being excited about a vision. Are you eager to be a part of the mission now? The jobs you will most enjoy are those that allow you to chase a vision that you would chase anyway.

3. Do I like my future coworkers?

You will spend significant time with these people. Can you see yourself enjoying that time with them?

4. Do I like how I will be evaluated?

Ministries vary in the level of personnel evaluations. Some do not have formal evaluation policies while others have very strict guidelines. Are you comfortable with the metrics used to gauge your performance?

5. Since we are on the topic of evaluation, what happened to the person who held this position before me?

Did they quit? Did they get promoted? How long were they with the ministry? It is acceptable to ask this question and will give you further insight into the position. However, I do not recommend asking for details that are not immediately provided.

6. Can I see myself being here for a while?

Sure, you never know what may happen in the future. But those who enter into a job with a temporary mindset will do themselves and the ministry a disservice.

7. Will my family be ok here?

It is not just your move. Your entire family will feel the pain of being uprooted. Some of the most difficult adjustments in a move take place outside the office.

8. Do I have the support of my spouse?

Be very careful with this one. Marriage always trumps career.

Receiving a job offer is exciting. However, moving forward too quickly may leave you with regret. When you say “yes” to an offer, you are agreeing to much more than what is found in the document. Considering these questions will allow for a better understanding of whether this transition is a positive one for you, your family, and the ministry.

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