Camp Change: Teaching Kids to Give Generously, Save Wisely, and Live Appropriately

Amanda Burke, co-founder of Camp Change, reached out to me a few months ago. She introduced me to Camp Change—a new camp in North Carolina they created to teach children God’s design for money and basic financial principles. I was immediately impressed by their content and motivation. I guess you can say I am a fan of Camp Change. I asked Amanda to put something together so that you can learn about Camp Change too. Below is from Amanda.

At Camp Change our mission is to provide an experience that helps children make the connection between faith and finance in ways that impact their lives and the world for Christ.  When we speak to folks about this mission, we are often asked “Do they get it?”  The answer is YES! Children understand that stewardship and ministry go hand in hand, but they get so much more. Here are just a few more things that children “get” from Camp Change:

They get a job.  Each year children are presented with new ways to connect the working world to ministry. That might look like earning an actual camp paycheck for their “Jobs” during the week or like opportunities to think outside the box about how their gifts and talents can be used for kingdom work.

They get Jesus.  Everything at Camp Change from devotions to games are designed to point back to Christ.  Children experience true conviction for sinful choices and habits, and unsurprisingly, many come to know Jesus as their Savior during camp.

They get the nuts and bolts of personal finance.  From budgeting to investing, children are having fun learning the important principles of finance through interactive lessons and games, that for some, can help to stop the cycle of poverty in their lives.

They get an honest look at their own behaviors and habits such as entitlement and discontentment and then they get the choice to form new habits and attitudes that put them on the path to financial and spiritual contentment.

Thy get excited about opportunities to connect what they are learning to their own lives through missions’ experiences and real-life challenges. Making freezer meals for homeless shelters and stocking shelves at local the food bank is just a few of the way’s children are getting out of their comfort zones and interacting with a world in physical and spiritual need.

They get to see where their tithes go.  Children “follow their tithes” from the local church to medical ministry, disaster relief and global missions work.

Yes, kids “get it” and yes, Camp Change is making a true impact in the lives of Children for Christ.

To contact Amanda or to find out more about Camp Change, click here.

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