5 Major Reasons Church Giving Declines

God has designed us, not to be hoarders, but conduits through which His generosity flows.

And this generosity should be evident by the way we give to our local church. Unfortunately, churches often experience a reduction in giving. Their members and attendees withhold or reduce their giving.

Why Churches Avoid Talking About Legacy Giving

America is in the midst of the largest transfer of wealth in our nation’s history.

The Baby Boomers, a generation that has accumulated significant wealth, has begun transferring their money to their family and favorite organizations. Some Boomers will transfer a portion of the wealth while they are living, but many, if not most, of their assets will transfer after their death.

3 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Financial Health

Habits are powerful. They become ingrained in our way of thinking and our actions.

Some habits are good. Habitually spending time with God every morning is a habit to treasure. It is a habit worth keeping.

But some habits are destructive. When it comes to money, bad financial habits can place a barrier between you and financial health. They can put you deep into debt and living paycheck to paycheck.