4 Questions to Ask Your Spouse About the Household Budget

Marriage—two becoming one. This is God’s design for marriage. The design is first revealed in Genesis, and then in 1 Corinthians, Paul further illustrates the extent of this oneness—our rights over our bodies are lost. In an incredibly vulnerable act, we relinquish our own authority and give ourselves to one another. There is no longer two, but one. There is no “mine,” just “ours.” And we are to pursue oneness in every aspect of our marriage, including our finances. In marriage, it is not “my money” and “my expenditures” but “our money” and “our expenditures.”

How Do I Choose a Bank?

Maybe you just moved to a new area. Or, maybe, you are dissatisfied with your current bank—you’re getting hit with costly fees and are tired of the bankers pressuring you into getting another credit card. Whatever the reason, you’ve found yourself needing a new bank. But you have a problem—you don’t know where to start the search.