Episode #67 – Should I Invest or Pay Off My Mortgage?

You are making 12% on a mutual fund while only paying 3.5% on your mortgage. Should you stop trying to pay off your mortgage and, instead, put money toward the mutual fund?

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Money Questions:

  1. If you’re averaging 10-12% growth with growth stock mutual funds and your mortgage is costing you 3.5%, how does it make sense to pay off your home early?
  2. What’s the best way to save for kids’ college, knowing there’s a possibility that they won’t go to college?

Money Challenge:

Check out savingforcollege.com. It’s a great resource for those needing to save well for college. You will find an abundance of information about 529 Plans. Use the 3 R’s (ratings, returns, and rewards) when considering which one is right for you.

Recommended Resources:

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