Episode #72 – Should I Set Up Biweekly Mortgage Payments?

How can you make an additional mortgage payment each year with minimal impact on your budget? That’s going to be the topic of one of our three listener questions this episode. So let’s go.

You can download the episode by click on this link.

Here are the questions we answer:

  1. What do I think about biweekly mortgage payments?
  2. How much should be withheld to get us through retirement to death?
  3. If we are saving for various things (vacation, remodel, etc.), should we have separate savings account or one bank account? Should the emergency fund also be separate?

And here the Money Challenge:

Check with your mortgage holder to see if biweekly mortgage payments are an option. If they are, consider setting it up. Biweekly mortgage payments are a way to reduce the amount of interest you pay over the life of your loan.

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One thought on “Episode #72 – Should I Set Up Biweekly Mortgage Payments?

  1. I agree that separate accounts are a great way to save for specific events (like a vacation or major purchase). There are many banks that do not have any minimum balance requirements or any fees (Ally Bank comes to mind as one). I am surprised you didn’t mention that option and mention the strategy of automatically setting aside a small monthly amount to put into those accounts.