Episode #74 – When Should You Give Your Kids an Allowance?

When should you give your kids an allowance? We are going to talk about that, where to put your savings and more. 

You can download the episode here.

Money Questions:

  1. Is it better to put your savings in a 401k, a CD, or a money market?
  2. Can you turn an IRA into a CD?
  3. How often do parents give allowances to their kids and how often do the kids give their “tithes” in church?

Money Challenge:

Demonstrate generosity in front of your kids. Let your kids see you living out the generous life. Pay for somebody’s coffee behind you in the drive-thru. Bake cookies for a neighbor. Or let them see you giving to your church. Your kids are always watching you. Leverage their attentiveness to teach them God’s design for money.

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