How a Lack of Sleep is Affecting Your Work

For a while, it was thought that operating on little sleep was something to be admired. Bags under the eyes were a badge of honor. It showed strength and sacrifice.

I was one of those guys. I thought that I could acclimate my body to getting less sleep, increasing my productive, or awake, hours.

But do you know what happened. It didn’t work. I didn’t become more productive. I became sleepy.

Each of our bodies are different. Some of our bodies need more sleep, while others need less.

Research continues to show that depriving your body of its sleep requirements for the sake of productivity is actually counterproductive. Sleepiness will slow you down. Here is how it affects you at work:

  1. Reduced ability to concentrate. A lack of sleep hinders your ability to focus on one particular task for any significant period of time. Often, your mind will drift to less intense mental activities like day dreaming or social media browsing. You may even find yourself spacing out for a while.
  1. Reduced creativity. When you are tired, your mind tends to struggle to stretch for new ideas. Simply put, your thinking becomes lazy.
  1. Reduced emotional intelligence. If you are not familiar with emotional intelligence, check out this article. A lack of sleep can reduce your mental filter. The ability to gain perspective on both incoming (what you hear) and outgoing information (what you say) is lessened. Which may lead you to do and say things that you will later regret.
  1. Reduced efficiency. Sleepiness can cause a decreased ability to operate quickly. Tasks and projects take longer. And the quality of finished tasks and projects can be less than stellar.
  1. Increased risk of health issues. Numerous studies show that a lack of sleep can lead to a number of health issues. Certainly, this impacts your work. But more importantly, it can impact your family and

So try to go to bed earlier tonight. Get a good night’s sleep.

If you want a few tips on how to do that, here you go.

Rest well to work well.

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