How to Save Money on a Wedding

Cost-Cutting Tips for Your Big Day

This is a guest post by Ashlee Evans. Ashlee serves as the Student Events Coordinator and Assistant to the Director of Student Life at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Ashlee recently married Cody in January, and they serve together at Plainview Baptist Church.

Weddings can be expensive. Really expensive. Being recently married myself, I can attest to the temptation to spend big that many brides face.

But a great wedding does not always require a huge budget. And wedding planning is not a time when you can abandon smart financial decisions and good stewardship.

To save money when planning your special day, prioritize and be flexible. You may need to sacrifice some things in order to have others. Saving money starts with considering the Who, What, When, and Where of a wedding.

Using these as our guide, let’s look at a few cost-cutting tips for your big day:

  1. Who? Who are you going to invite? This will affect how big your wedding is and, ultimately, how big your budget will be. Smaller weddings tend to be cheaper, while larger weddings tend to be more expensive.

How can you save money? Limit your guest list to the most important people. I know it is tough to narrow down the list, but don’t feel like you have to invite everyone. Don’t let an unwarranted sense of guilt cause you to overspend.

  1. What? What will you have? Will you have a reception? Will you have a DJ? What type of flowers will you have? Every detail adds up quickly.

How can you save money? Determine your priorities and accept help. Know what is important to you so you can prioritize and be flexible. When someone says they will help you, write their name down and let them. The more help you accept, the less stress you will deal with while you plan. Having friends and family help out with flowers, cake, reception décor or food will also make your wedding day more special because of their involvement. Order flower arrangements from a florist in League City at reasonable prices.

  1. When? When will you have the wedding? Timing is money. Most vendors are cheaper during the off-season. If your wedding is between spring and fall months, high demand will make things more expensive. Choosing the day of the week will also make a difference and deciding what time of day will affect costs for your reception.

How can you save money? Be flexible when choosing your date. An off-season month, non-Saturday or Sunday wedding, during the day will save you the most money.

  1. Where? Where will you have the wedding? Do want to get married at a church, country club, or park? Venues vary in cost.

How can you save money? Research local venues and churches in advance so that you can book the cheapest option before your date is booked. Having your wedding at your home church or at a local church may be the most cost effective as opposed to booking a fancy venue on a farm or in a hotel. If you are flexible, a destination wedding may actually be cheaper because less people are typically able to attend and most everything is included in the price.

I am sure everyone has some sort of dream for their special day. But a great wedding doesn’t always require a huge budget. To save money, consider the Who, What, When, and Where of weddings. Most importantly, remember it is more about the marriage than the wedding day. Brides-to-be, you should be more concerned with your preparation for marriage than the centerpieces at your reception.

Happy wedding planning!

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