Let’s Have A Generous December

Let’s be intentionally generous this December.

For many, December is a rush of events. Christmas parties, church events, and visiting family fills the calendar. And we get so focused on this rush that, beyond putting presents under a tree, we forget to live generously.

Why focus on generosity in December?

Because the reason for all of our celebrations in December, the reason why we rush around, the reason why we say, “Merry Christmas,” is the generosity of our God.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son…

This December, I want to encourage you to participate in A Generous December. It works like this—for each of the thirty-one days, you are presented with a generosity challenge. It is a fun way for you and your family to stop, every day in December, and live generously.

You can get your A Generous December calendar by simply clicking on the link below. Don’t worry. It’s free. Save it. Print it out. Put it on your refrigerator. Share it with your friends.

Get your A Generous December calendar

My hope is that you will look back on this December with a mind full of fond memories and a heart filled with satisfaction, not because of what you received, but because of what you gave.

Let’s do this, friends. Let’s have A Generous December.

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