My 5 for Friday

Your Start to a Well-Read Weekend

What can you learn from a past president? What can throwing a baseball mean for your kids? And how do I teach my kids the Bible?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday:

  1. 10 Leadership Lessons from John Quincy Adams by Tony Morgan. We can learn important leadership lessons from our nations leaders, from both their successes and failures. In this article, Morgan considers former president, John Quincy Adams and the lessons leaders can learn from him.
  2. How Does a Young Leader Earn a Seat at the Table? by Dan Reiland. Young leaders tend to be energetic and eager. But how do they rise in leadership at a church or other organization. Reiland provide advice for young leaders who desire to sit at the “leadership table.”
  3. 5 Reasons Why Throwing a Ball Matters by Jamie Dew. Jamie is one of my son’s coaches. He knows his baseball. He is also a great dad of two sets of twins. In this article, Dew shares the importance of simple acts, like throwing a baseball with your child, can mean for you kids.
  4. 4 Easy Ways to Study the Bible as a Family by John Gilman. Are you unsure how to lead your family in studying the Bible? In this article, Gilman provide four easy suggestions to help ease your anxiety.
  5. Can You Afford to Let Your Teenager Get Their Driver’s License? by Chuck Bentley. Bentley writes, “Did you know that the average premium will increase by 80% when you add a teenager to your existing policy?” That’s a lot of money. In this article, Bentley provide ways to reduce the spike.

6 Reasons Why I Like to Read Scripture in the Morning

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